MOTHER by Martin Creed – MCA Chicago Plaza Project. Photo by danxoneil (CC 2.0)


British artist Martin Creed will install an illuminated neon sculpture on Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 this May, according to reports in the Observer.

The almost 50-foot long sign will feature the word “UNDERSTANDING” and bath Brooklyn’s waterfront in red neon light, while spinning, poised on a 25-foot tall pivot point.


Martin Creed by Maria Baranova. (CC 4.0)


The Observer: In May, British artist Martin Creed will illuminate the Brooklyn waterfront with a 48-foot-long red neon sculpture Manhattanites will be able to see from across the East River.

Visitors will be able to stand or sit underneath the sculpture on a stepped plinth, while it rotates at alternating speeds above. Understanding is the artist’s third rotating text sculpture. Read more from The Observer here…


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee