Containership. Photo by Glen (CC 2.0)


Pirates have gone high-tech to boost their booty. By hacking into shipping companies CMS (content management systems), they’ve been pinpointing which vessels carry containers with higher priced loot, for quick and easy pickings.

Global commercial shipping routes. Credit: Grolltech (derived from: Halpern; Hengl; Groll) (CC 3.0)


Mashable: According to a new report (PDF) released by Verizon RISK Team, which said that pirates have used hackers to steal the cargo of a “global shipping conglomerate” on several occasions.

LMonk. (PD) photo


The targeted nature of the attacks tipped off the Verizon RISK Team, who suspected the pirates might have found a way to access the shipping company’s systems.

And they were right. Upon examination of the company’s Content Management System (CMS), which handled all its inventory and the documents required for shipping freight, they discovered it’d been hacked. Read more from Mashable here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee