Indonesian Navy patrol boat. Public domain photo.


Indonesian Authorities blew up the last of 6 notorious ‘bandit boats’ known for toothfish poaching yesterday. The illegal fishing boat, seized by the Indonesian Navy last month, was scuttled to a round of cheers.

What’s toothfish? Like me, you probably know it by its commercial name – Chilean sea bass.

Photo by Muy Yum (CC 2.0)


The Washington Post: Authorities in Indonesia blew up the last of the so-called “Bandit 6” poaching vessels Monday to send a message to those in the illegal global fishing industry.

Tangled fishing lines and nets. Public domain photo.


The ship, dubbed the Viking and wanted by Interpol, was a Nigeria-flagged vessel known for poaching toothfish, a valuable deep-water species known commercially as Chilean sea bass. It was the last remaining ship from the “Bandit 6,” a name given to six illegal fishing vessels. Read more from The Washington Post here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee