The boat debris made landfall on the Oregon coast. Photo: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department


Part of a boat that washed ashore in Oregon is speculated to be debris from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

Map of 2011 Tohoku (Sendai) earthquake observed tsunami heights in Japan. By Pekachu (PD)


The algae and barnacle covered partial hull was spotted by a Coast Guard helicopter crew last week. A tracking buoy was attached to monitor the drifting debris trajectory to landfall. A marine advisory was also issued.

A crab and barnacles. Photo by Minette Layne (CC 2.0)


Oregon biologists will remove samples of the marine plants and animals that have hitched a ride on the drifting vessel – to check for potentially invasive species, and to help confirm the flotsam’s origin.

Photo: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department


The origin of the boat has not yet been determined, but a registration number was found and forwarded to federal and Japanese authorities.

Read more from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee