Photo credit: ©DARPA


The U.S. Navy has launched the first prototype of an unmanned, anti-submarine drone ship. The 132ft-long anti-submarine warfare continuous trail unmanned vessel (ACTUV) will be officially christened April 7, 2016 and begin an 18-month trial.

The drone ship can remain at sea for three months and will be used for submarine tracking, supply and security operations.


Watch the launch video from DARPAtv here:


Yachting & Boating World: Thus far, the boat has managed to track a target submarine from a distance of 1km, which the Pentagon’s military command that oversees DARPA says is a huge step forward for the technology.

In addition to anti-submarine work, the Navy said the boats could have a role in supplying other ships, logistics, and countering undersea mines. Read more from Yachting & Boating World here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee