El Faro. TOTE Maritime archive photo


The NTSB announced today that they have found El Faro’s missing ‘black box’ or voyage data recorder, in 15,000 feet of water northeast of the Crooked Islands.


Investigative teams searched the ocean floor with the AUV Sentry – an autonomous underwater vehicle that can operate at depths of nearly 20,000 feet.

Photo of the Voyage data recorder next to El Faro mast on ocean floor. NTSB photo (PD)


NTSBAt about 1 a.m. EDT the team aboard the research vessel Atlantis located the El Faro’s mast where the VDR was mounted. After examining numerous images provided by undersea search equipment, the team positively identified the VDR.

Now that the device has been located, investigators will need to formulate a strategy for retrieval. Read more from the NTSB’s Press Release here

h/t to Charles Smith, posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee