Day 1 of the America’s Cup race trials lacked sufficient winds. Photo by ©Gordon Cooper


Day 1 of the big return of the America’s Cup race trials to NYC was cut short, thwarted by uncooperative weather. The rain, although annoying was not the problem. It wasn’t the grey foggy skies. So, what held-up Saturdays events?

There just wasn’t enough wind. It’s kinda hard to have a sail race with not a whisper of a breeze.

Photo by ©Gordon Cooper


Sunday, on the other hand was sail-day perfection. Puffy white cotton-ball clouds on a brilliant blue sky with a stiff WIND, and lots of it! Fireboat John J Harvey was front and center, with Gordon Cooper and Renee Lutz Stanley on board.

On your mark… Photo by ©Renee Lutz Stanley

And they’re off! Photo by ©Gordon Cooper

The fireboat John J Harvey salutes the international contenders. Photo by ©Renee Lutz Stanley

America! Photo by ©Renee Lutz Stanley

Team Emirates New Zealand wins! Photo by ©Gordon Cooper

O Beautiful. Photo by ©Renee Lutz Stanley


Many Thanks to Gordon Cooper and Renee Lutz Stanley for sharing their on-scene close-up, super exciting shots of this historic event!


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee