Photo by Jasmike (PD)


The Sandy Hook Pilots provide pilotage for any foreign ship, or American ship with foreign cargo, for the Port of New York/New Jersey, the Hudson River, the East River, Atlantic City, Jamaica Bay, and Long Island Sound – 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, in all-weather conditions and port circumstances.

Photo courtesy of the Sandy Hook Pilots


GothamistNew York Harbor is not only one of the largest and busiest natural ports in the world, but also the most complex. The entrance to the harbor from the Atlantic is protected by two thin pieces of land that jut out into the water: Sandy Hook from New Jersey and Rockaway from Long Island. These narrow outreaches have shallow shores that make entering the bay tricky.

Watch the Sandy Hook Pilots at work through 2nd generation pilot Robert J. Blake, Jr. eyes, in this video by Jessica Leibowitz.


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posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee