The U.S. Navy has ordered restrictions on liberty and alcohol consumption for all sailors in Japan after a rash of alcohol-related incidents – effective immediately.

Navy issues booze ban. PD photo


Sailors are prohibited from drinking alcohol, on and off base. Additionally, all off-base liberty will be curtailed.  Sailors who live off base will be permitted to travel to and from work and engage in official actions such as childcare drop-off and pickup, trips to the grocery store, gas stations or the gym. The liberty curtailment will remain in effect until face-to-face training has been conducted by unit commanding officers, executive officers and command master chiefs with all personnel.


A U.S. Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Photo by PH1 H. Johnson, U.S. Navy (PD)


The order comes after a DUI-accident in Okinawa, involving a Naval officer that injured 2 people. Read more from commander here...


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee