Jersey City, New Jersey. Photo by Charles Smith (CC 2.0)


A tourist, having trouble sleeping decided to take an early morning walk at a Jersey City marina that went awry when the wooden surface he was standing on, pulled away from the dock and began to float away from the shore.

Photo by ©Mitch Waxman


After bobbing in choppy waters in the busy shipping channels of New York harbor in the pre-dawn darkness for 2 hours, the man was rescued by FDNY nearly 2 nautical miles from where he set adrift.

Photo by ©Mitch Waxman


The New York Post: Capt. Guzzo and firefighters from FDNY Marine Units 1 and 6 worked together to pluck the hapless castaway to safety about a quarter-mile from Governor’s Island — about two nautical miles away from where his unexpected voyage began. 

Photo by ©Mitch Waxman


Marine Unit 6’s boat — the William Feehan — angled alongside the raft to block the gusts, as members of Marine Unit 1, who were in a smaller boat, slipped in and rescued him.

Miraculously, the man was uninjured and was taken safely back to Jersey City.


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee