Artificial reefs create habitat for marine life. Photo by Reefmaker (CC 3.0)


The NJ DEP sank a tugboat off the coast of Atlantic City last week, as part of their Artificial Reef Program.

The submerged vessel will become part of the Atlantic City Artificial Reef, one of the 15 offshore sites maintained by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, located between Sandy Hook and Cape May.

Photo credit: NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife


Once sunk, the vessel will create habitat for 150 species of fish and marine life, in turn encouraging more fishermen and scuba divers to the area. The sunken Atlantic City tugboat is located at: 39 14.000′    74 12.600′


A second vessel was also scuttled to expand Ocean City Reef, located 7.4 nautical miles southeast of Great Egg Inlet: 39 09.950′    74 34.100′  Read more from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife here…


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee