Day of the Seafarer – every June 25th, the International Maritime Organization recognizes mariners for their contributions to the global economy.

Seafarers transport our food, fuel, goods, materials and commodities. They keep the wheels of global commerce rolling, mostly unnoticed.



The Maritime Executive: The Day of the Seafarer “gives us all a chance to reflect on how much we all rely on seafarers for most of the things we take for granted in our everyday lives,” said IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim. “Over one million seafarers operate the global fleet yet billions of people depend on them for the essentials and the luxuries of life . . . Outside of shipping, most people don’t know a seafarer – but everyone has cause to thank them.

This years theme, “At Sea for All”, emphasizes the vital contributions that seafarers provide everyday, not just for the shipping industry, but for all of us. Read more from The Maritime Executive here…


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee