Tappan Zee Bridge construction. Photo by Acroterion (CC 3.0)


No serious injuries. Astonishing that no one was seriously hurt. A miracle. Phrases like these were uttered many times yesterday after a huge construction crane plummeted on to the Tappan Zee Bridge, crashing across all 7 lanes of the heavily trafficked span – narrowly missing cars, workers, and vessels beneath.



The New York TimesWhen a large crane being used to construct what will eventually be the aging Tappan Zee’s replacement came toppling down on Tuesday, landing squarely across the roadway, something astounding happened: Nobody died.

“This was nothing short of a miracle,” Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said at an afternoon news conference in Tarrytown at the base of the bridge, citing the lack of serious injuries from the accident.



According to officials, a few people suffered minor injuries when they swerved their cars to avoid the falling crane debris, a construction worker also suffered non life-threatening injuries in the collapse.

The bridge was completely closed up on deck, and below the USCG secured the waters of the Hudson surrounding the collapse site. Vehicles were stuck in what looked like a giant parking lot on the bridge, until investigators could inspect and ensure the safety of the structure.



By morning, bridge officials had reopened 6 of the 7 traffic lanes on the Tappan Zee – only one southbound lane remains closed.

I am so grateful that no one was seriously hurt in this dramatic and potentially tragic accident.

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee