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11 crew members of the cargo ship MV Delphinus have been stuck aboard the vessel, moored off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for 111 days and counting.

MV Delphinus has been at anchor since mid-April, when U.S. Marshals seized the vessel due to a debt dispute between Afco Shipping Line LLC and the ship’s owner.

The crew members U.S. work visas are long expired, plus although not under arrest, since they’re under contract with the ship, the men are unable to leave the 478-foot vessel.

Seafarers’ House, a nonprofit organization is trying to care for the seamen, and put an end to their limbo. Last week, for the first time in almost 4 months, small groups of 3 were allowed to come ashore for a few hours, thanks to Seafarers’ House.

What happens next? There is a court-ordered auction scheduled for Aug. 11, at which point next steps will be determined. Until then, the 11 crew members remain aboard the ship. Read more from the Miami Herald here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee