Happy 226th Birthday U.S. Coast Guard!

Coast Guard Day celebrates the birth of the United States Coast Guard on 4 August, 1790. First put in place by Alexander Hamilton as the Revenue Marine to enforce trade and tariff laws and deter smuggling, the duties of the USCG expanded as the nation grew.

In 1915, the Revenue Cutter Service was merged with the Life-Saving Service and the U.S. Coast Guard was formed – a single maritime service dedicated to maritime rescue and enforcing our nation’s maritime laws.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s mission is to protect the public, the environment and U.S. economic interests in our nation’s waterways and coasts, in international waters, or any maritime region as called upon to serve.

Let’s celebrate and honor our nation’s oldest and premier maritime agency on their birthday and every day!

Semper Paratus!

USCGC Sturgeon Bay WTGB 109. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman

USCG Response Boat -Medium cruising by the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman

USCGC Sailfish WPB-87356 in the Upper Bay, Bayonne Bridge in the distance. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman

USCG Coastal Buoy Tender Katherine Walker WLM-552. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman

USCG Responce Boat- Medium patrols the Upper Bay. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman

USCGC Cutter Sailfish (WPB-87356). Photo by ©Mitch Waxman

USCG Response Boat – Small, on the KVK. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman

USCGC Eagle (WIX-327) on the KVK. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman

USCGC Morro Bay WTGB 106 on the Hudson River. Photo by ©Mitch Waxman

Photo by ©Mitch Waxman


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee