Transocean Winner. Photo courtesy of Petroleum Safety Authority Norway


Transocean Winner, a massive drilling platform has run aground, off the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Isles. The rig was being towed from Norway to Malta, when it lost its tow early this morning in high winds.

Thankfully, there was no one on board at the time and there are no injuries reported.


The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is on scene, is monitoring the area for pollution from the rig, which has more than 300 (US) tons of diesel on board. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch has begun investigations into the grounding.

ETV Anglian Monarch was part of the U.K.’s emergency towing vessel fleet. Photo by Roger Fournier (CC 3.0)


A local official has called for the reinstatement of the Emergency Towing Vessel, formerly based in Stornoway, which was eliminated in 2011 due to budget cuts.


As reported by The TelegraphSNP MP Mr MacNeil said: “Once again our waters were under threat and we are fortunate that the grounding of this oil rig posed no risk to life. However, this could have been a very different outcome and the UK Government must return the ETV to Stornoway. I have long argued that a tug is an insurance policy from an unusual but statistically possible event.

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posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee