Photo courtesy of Reinauer crew


September 11, 2001

On September 11, 2001 we were all waking up to an incredible day in the New York Harbor.  The Sun was shining and it was beautiful out. Then the world fell apart and we all know what transpired. For those of us in the Maritime Industry we heard the United States Coast Guard call for assistance and they got it.

Reinauer tugs that were at our dock in Staten Island along with their crews volunteered to go. As they departed we saw a flotilla of tugs from every tug company along Richmond Terrace power out and onto Manhattan and Battery Park. It was moving sight watching these Harbor & Ocean going tugs speed under tremendous power to answer that call. None of the men nor the tug companies had any idea of what they would be getting into.


Photo courtesy of Reinauer crew


Some speculated that given the gravity of the situation we would be serving as Maritime Hearses transporting the victims of this terrible attack to the Staten Island Yankee Stadium, which was to be utilized as an open morgue. That did not happen.

Under the direction of the USCG and other authorities we were to offer safe passage to thousands of grateful and appreciative individuals to designated drop off points in New Jersey and Staten Island.


Photo courtesy of Reinauer crew


This was not an effort on the part of any select company, but a collective and joint maritime response to a tragedy that none of us will ever forget.



Bert Reinauer, Reinauer Transportation

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Footnote: While we were looking to gather a listing of all those Reinauer employees who participated and there were many;

Sandy and other issues prevented this, but please know that their contribution is recognized and appreciated.