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Last week, a group of three beluga whales were seen swimming about in Long Island Sound! [News8]

But, although it’s rare to see beluga whales in our waters, officials are asking boaters to keep their distance from the cute and curious animals if encountered.



News8 Janelle Schuh, the Stranding Coordinator [The Animal Rescue Program at the Mystic Aquarium], is warning the public that while the whales are cute, please stay away.

“It is really important that if you see them coming to your boat, turn the propeller off,” she said. “We don’t want the animals to get injured in any way, and we are also requesting that the folks who do observe them, that they don’t follow the animals because that can cause stress.”

Photo via Mystic Aquarium


“Enjoy it, not everybody gets an opportunity to see a beluga whale, but we do ask that you are respectful of the fact that they are there,” said Schuh. “Turn your propeller off and take a lot of good photos and make sure you contact us.”

Read more from News8 here…

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee


Mary Lee has traveled over 100 miles in the past 24 hours. Screen capture from OCEARCH Shark Tracker.


For the past week or so, Mary Lee, a 16-foot long, 3,400-pound great white shark has been meandering up the Jersey shore towards Manhattan. Not a newcomer to our waters, Mary Lee dropped by for a visit in January of 2013.

Tagged with a satellite tracking device back in 2012 by OCEARCH scientists, Mary Lee has not only been fascinating researchers, she has become an overnight internet sensation.

Mary Lee has her own twitter account @MaryLeeShark which tweets her latest location to a growing number of followers. Up from a paltry 16,000 ‘friends’ last Friday, to more than 39,000 today – her fan-base has more than doubled in the past 4 days.


Follow Mary Lee on twitter @MaryLeeShark


Toms River Patch: Mary Lee, the 3,400-pound great white shark, tagged in September 2012 by the OCEARCH research organization, has been causing quite a stir on her migration north, with a Twitter account that tweets her latest pings and engages in ”conversation” with followers. The account had nearly doubled its following by Monday morning, from nearly 16,000 on Friday to more than 31,000 as of Monday morning.

How long will Mary Lee stick around? Track her journey at the OCEARCH site as she moves north, presumably chasing after a bluefish dinner. Or follow her on twitter @MaryLeeShark.

Read more about Mary Lee’s swim up from the Jersey shore from Toms River Patch here…

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committtee

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