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Digging warning stake of Buckeye Pipe Line near the right bank of Newtown Creek a hundred yards or two downstream from Greenpoint Avenue Bridge. Photo by Jim Henderson (PD)

On January 31st, an Allocco Recycling barge transporting construction aggregate sank in Newtown Creek. The barge came to rest on a sediment mound, atop of part of the huge system of petroleum distribution pipes that carry gasoline and jet fuel for the city’s airports, gas stations and for NYPD’s helicopters.

Photo by ©Mitch Waxman


DNAinfo: The 260-foot Allocco Recycling vessel was carrying construction stone and tied to a Greenpoint, Brooklyn bulkhead when it sank on Jan. 31. The six pipelines crossing under the Newtown Creek are part of the 6,200-mile system operated by Houston, TX-based Buckeye Partners, a petroleum product distribution company.

As is routine with all maritime accidents, the Coast Guard will conduct an investigation, Rowe said, adding that the process could take days or months. Read more from DNAinfo here…

To get all the nitty-gritty details, I highly recommend you head over to The Newtown Pentacle, where Mitch Waxman aka Mister Newtown Creek has covered this event with his trusty camera and eloquent explanation.

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

Photo by Mitch Waxman


The NYC Department of Environmental Protection has begun construction on a $30 million waste catchment system for Newtown Creek. The system comprises of 4 devices that will capture floatable litter and direct it to towards the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment plant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Photo by Mitch Waxman


Queens Chronicle: “Cleaning up and revitalizing Newtown Creek is one of our top priorities,” explained DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd. “We look forward to continuing to work with elected officials, environmental groups and residents on the many other projects we are working on to further improve the health of Newtown Creek.”

Photo by Mitch Waxman


The litter capture devices are currently under construction at four locations, including 47th Avenue between 28th and 29th streets, as well as Rust Street and 56th Drive. Construction of the Newtown Creek facilities is expected to be completed and operational in 2017. Read more from Queens Chronicle here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee


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