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A 13th century Mongol shipwreck has been found off the coast of Japan.

This is the second vessel to be discovered in recent years, and is confirmed to be part of Kublai Khan‘s massive Mongol invasion fleets launched to invade Japan in 1274 and 1281.

Kublai Khan – Paint and ink on silk 1294. National Palace Museum in Taipei. (Public Domain)


Both of Kublai Khan’s fleets sent to invade Japan were devastated by typhoons – the Japanese term “kamikaze”, or “divine wind”  was coined from these winds that saved the Japan from the Mongols.

Mongols Invasion (Japanese: Mooko shuurai), by Kikuchi Yoosai, 1847. Ink and water colors on paper. Tokyo National Museum. Shows the destruction of the Mongol fleet in a typhoon. (public domain)


This 2nd. shipwreck was found near Matsuura around 75 feet beneath the surface, covered by a relatively thin layer of silt.

The Telegraph: Porcelain that was made in China was found around the remarkably well-preserved wreck, including a vase and a white bowl, Atsuyuki Nakata, the head of the cultural properties division of the Matsuura city board of education, told The Telegraph.

“One thing that we hope to learn from the wreck is the kind of materials that were used by the Mongolians 730 years ago, as well as the techniques used in the construction of the ship,” he said.

Archaeologists say they may have located three more sites that may be the wrecks of Mongolian ships, and are convinced that many more will be found. Read more from The Telegraph here…


by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee



Marine Grill terracotta murals by Frederick Dana Marsh.


Forgotten Harbor, Found in Art


On Sunday, 11 October 2015 from 2pm – 4pm: The Working Harbor Committee presents a brand new Hidden Harbor® Tour of NYC Maritime Art! Join us on our tour of NYC History Captured in Public Art You Can Visit!



Pusterla/Jackson/Schwartz/Turney Murals


On 11 October from 2PM – 4PM we’ll be hosting a unique Hidden Harbor® Tour on the history of NYC maritime art in our working waterfronts. Our tour will take us to places in the harbor where famous scenes have been captured in public art you can visit in NYC!

Expert narrators will give you a unique perspective of NYC through its rich maritime art history – from pre-Colonial times of the Lenape Indians through present day. This Art History Hidden Harbor Tour includes a full-color handout with a synopsis of the art and artists featured – as well as where you can visit these public works of art in person.



Trompe l’oeil mural by Richard Haas

The 2-hour, fully narrated boat tour departs at 2:00pm sharp.
Boarding begins at 1:30pm from
Pier 83 in Manhattan located on West 42nd. Street and 12th. Avenue (Hudson River). There is a snack bar on board and restroom facilities.  Tickets: $30; $25 seniors. For group sale rates, email

Download the flyer here

A portion of the proceeds from our Hidden Harbor Tours® goes towards funding the Mission of the Working Harbor Committee – to strengthen awareness of the working harbor’s history and vitality today, and its opportunities for the future. WHC produces maritime educational programs, as well as community events such as the annual Great North River Tugboat Race.

For more information about tickets & additional tours, visit


by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

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