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Port of Vancouver. Photo by Jason Mrachina

Happy Thanksgiving

Warm wishes to you and your families
from the Working Harbor Committee

Someone coughs near me on my crowded commute. Me: holding my breath in a vain attempt to “avoid their germs” as I turn purple around the edges. Futile attempt, really.

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But short of walking around in a surgical mask like my folks do in Asia, what can I do?

If only there were some kind of germ-mask that didn’t look like a germ-mask…

LEO SCOUGH – Black Flannel Scarf with Light Blue Mustache. Photo:

Well look-ee here, a Gowanus inventor team has developed something called a Scough.

A scough is a scarf with a germ-barrier mask tucked in a hidden pocket in the scarf. It even has elastic ear-bands to help hold your germ-barrier in place. The removable mask has carbon and silver filters that according to the Brooklyn inventors, absorb germs and pollution and even kill viruses.



Scoughes are made of cotton, some with a cashmere or wool blend.  All scoughes come with one filter and cost between $39 and $59. Replacement filters can be purchased for $10 each or $20 for a 3-pack. Read more at DNAinfo, Brooklyn News12.

So why this odd post about scoughs? Well, while struggling for an April Fools post, I found this story that reeked of a prank. Upon investigation, I was amused to find it was indeed a real product. Now that’s an April Fool’s joke for ya!

by Mai Armstrong for Working Harbor Committee


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