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Manhattanhenge. PD photo.


This weekend marks the first Manhattanhenge of 2016. Manhattanhenge is a phenomenon that occurs when the setting sun aligns with the city’s east-west street grid, making for a spectacular photo-op.

Many people crowd city streets in midtown, waiting for the pivotal moment to squeeze the shutter. But, rather than battle the formidable wall of photographers in Manhattan, why not view the city-henge from Long Island City?

LICHenge 2016. Photo by ©Catherine Penfold


Welcome to LICHenge

You can marvel at the sight from the Hunters Point South Park on the waterfront in Long Island City, Queens – directly across from the Empire State Building.

Photo courtesy of the Hunters Point Park Conservancy


The HPS Park offers a spacious shore-hugging boardwalk where you can set up your tri-pod at leisure, without having to battle your way through crowds for a glimpse.

You can get there easily on the East River Ferry which drops you off conveniently right next to the LIC Landing food and beverage concession, which is well-stocked with local beers and delectables for your comfort and enjoyment!

View from Hunters Point South Park in LIC. Photo by©Catherine Penfold


Sure beats dashing into the middle of midtown traffic to capture your shot…

Festivities will get started around 4 pm, and anticipate the big show will be around 8 pm with sunset at 8:19 – Hope to see you there!


posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

Photo courtesy of NYCEDC


Despite recent set-backs that have plagued the proposed tourist attraction, the NY Wheel project is moving forward. As reported in the New York Business Journal, NY Wheel CEO Richard Marin says the first batch of concrete will be poured for the foundation this June.

However, differences between wheel executives may affect the announced ‘pour’ date.

Photo courtesy of NYCEDC


New York Business Journal: New York Wheel CFO Eric Kaufman, along with partner Meir Laufer, hired Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman LLP for legal counsel, citing Marin’s mismanagement of the project and “improper conduct throughout the development process.” Marin, together with New York businessman Andrew Ratner, has filed his own lawsuit against Kaufman and Laufer, claiming the two investors had not paid an additional $17 million that was required of them as board members.

A New York Supreme Court hearing is scheduled for sometime in June. Read more from the New York Business Journal here…

posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

Great North River Tugboat RaceSeptember 4th, 2016
6 days to go.

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