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More and more ice is finding its way south into the upper bay, slowing traffic down. I rode the SI ferry to get some photos of the conditions. I do not remember ever seeing this much ice in the harbor, it is quite a sight. Also this week I was able to catch some really nice color near Snug Harbor.

If you get a chance go out and see the ice. It’s best when the tide is flowing out.

At the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Photo by John Skelson

32 Buoy. Photo by John Skelson

Mary H. Photo by John Skelson

Haggerty Girls at the Battery. Photo by John Skelson

NY Waterways at Governors Island. Photo by John Skelson

North River from the Battery. Photo by John Skelson

SI Ferry MV Andrew J. Barberi approaching Manhattan. Photo by John Skelson

Merchant Mariners’ Memorial at Battery Park. Photo by John Skelson

Halifax Express inbound KVK. Photo by John Skelson

Stephen B passing Halifax Express at Snug Harbor. Photo by John Skelson

Halifax Express. Photo by John Skelson

Chesapeake Coast, Double Skin 305 “On the Hip”. Photo by John Skelson

Stephen B in the KVK. Photo by John Skelson

Hope to get out and photograph more of the ice floes in the next few days.

Until next week… John Skelson

All photos  by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee

Awesome Gala!

The arctic winds and frigid temperatures did nothing to deter the hearty folks who donned their warmest coats, hats, and scarves to make it to the great doors of 60 Pine Street and live to tell the tale! It was such a night!

The beautiful wood-paneled walls, comfortable sofas, luxurious rest rooms (you have to see it to believe it!), good food and drink, and courteous, cheery servers of Manhattan’s historic Down Town Association all provided a perfect setting for The Working Harbor Committee’s 10th Annual Gala on 19 February, 2015.

The honoree, John Atkins, President of Global Container Terminal USA, arrived bright and early with a happy smile on his face. It was uphill from there!

We laughed, we ate, we raised glasses of tasty drinks, we talked, we listened to speeches, we were even given an impromptu pop history quiz by Jim Devine, Senior Advisor to GCT USA, who had the entire room calling out their answers!

It was a wonderful evening spent in the best of good company.

John Atkins arrives in good spirits. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

Checking in, Gordon Loebl USCG Captain of Port of NY. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

The Doswell family at the festivities. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

Margaret Stocker, maritime historian, India House Foundation, flanked by 4 debonair SUNY Maritime cadets. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

Dr Roberta Weisbrod, Chair of Working Harbor Committee giving the opening speech. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

The honoree, John Atkins, President of Global Container Terminal USA. Photo by John Skelson

Jim Devine, Senior Advisor Global Container Terminal USA presents the Working Harbor Committee Distinguished Service Award to John Atkins, President of GCT USA. Photo by John Skelson

Andrew Genn SVP, Ports & Transportation NYC Economic Development Corp. Photo by John Skelson

Beverly Fedorko, Director, NY Shipping Association. Photo by John Skelson

Gordon Cooper, President HHH Maritime Consulting and Capt. Margaret Flanagan, Maritime Operations Manager, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance. Photo by John Skelson

Pop-quiz time! Photo by John Skelson

The hororee John Atkins and Ed Kelly, Executive Director of the Maritime Association of the Port of New York/New Jersey chatting. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

WHC board members Bonnie Harken and Terry Walton speaking with Venetia Lannon, Director NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 2. Photo by John Skelson

Louis Kleinman, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance with Gerry Weinstein and Mary Habstritt, LILAC Preservation Project. Photo by John Skelson

A toast to Capt. John Doswell. Photo by John Skelson


Many thanks to all the supporters of The Working Harbor Committee for helping to make the 10th Annual Gala Awards a huge success!

by Phyllis Featherstone and John Skelson, words and images generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee.

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