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Lightship Nantucket 612. Photo by Jim Henderson (PD)


Friend of WHC Claude Scales who writes the Brooklyn Heights Blog, noticed a visitor to our shining harbor the other day.

Lightship Nantucket WLV 612 has come to town for the summer! She’s moored at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5, and there are some murmurs about onboard ships tour offerings, but there is no confirmed info about that on their website at this time. If I hear anything more firm, I will let you all know!

Join us this Sunday May 1st, on WHC’s Hidden Harbor Tour® Forgotten Harbor, Found in Art and you’ll definitely see her as we cruise along! Get tickets here!

h/t Brooklyn Heights Blog, posted by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee


The Working Harbor Committee of New York and New Jersey Seeks Executive Director

As you all know, we lost our dear Captain John Doswell last year. In our quest to continue Capt. John’s vision, we are announcing our search for an executive director to help us further the mission of the WHC.

Working Harbor Committee Executive Director Role Description (PDF download)

The Mission of the Working Harbor Committee is to strengthen awareness of the working harbor’s history and vitality today, and its opportunities for the future.

The Working Harbor Committee produces maritime educational programs and boat tours as well as community events, such as the annual Great North River Tugboat Race and Competitions.

By involving people in learning how the harbor works and what it does, and educating them about the rich and challenging history of the harbor, the Working Harbor Committee strives to increase awareness of the importance of our magnificent working harbor.

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