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After spending several days Upstate, I’m back on the waterfront. While away, I missed Fleet Week and the moving of Wavertree. Fortunately, Wavertree is located where I can photograph her. This day had to be one of the quietest days I can remember, so I added a few photos from a couple of weeks ago.

Wavertree at Caddell ship yard. Photo by John Skelson

US Army Corps Hocking. Photo by John Skelson

Tangier Island passing Ever Diamond. Photo by John Skelson

Ever Diamond. Photo by John Skelson

Clean Harbors #50. Photo by John Skelson

Eric McAllister. Photo by John Skelson

Miriam Moran. Photo by John Skelson

From a couple of weeks ago.

Small tugboat Bosco. Photo by John Skelson

Caitlin Ann and Susquehanna. Photo by John Skelson

Cosco Valencia at Port Elizabeth. Photo by John Skelson

Vancouver Express outbound. Photo by John Skelson

Until next time,
John Skelson

All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee

Photo via Conde Nast Traveler


Have money to burn? Head over to Barton & Gray Mariner’s Club, the newest, luxury way the wealthy can get to the Hamptons this summer. [Conde Nast Traveler]

Photo via Barton & Grey


Your annual membership in the fancy-boat-taxi-club buys you access to a fleet of crewed yachts that will ferry you and your guests to various ports in the Hamptons, or farther afield to locales like Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. All the boats are loaded up with fine foods and drink for passengers.

I wonder if you get a Members Only jacket too…

Photo via Barton & Gray


Conde Nast Traveler: Barton & Gray’s new Long Island Commuter will depart North Cove Marina in Lower Manhattan or Chelsea Piers for a 3.5-hour trip to the East End, with the opportunity for stops along the way. A captain and first mate handle the 48-foot motorboat, which will be “provisioned with plenty of bubbly” and snacks, the company says, as well as custom-made lager from Cisco Brewers in Nantucket that’s available only on board.

A one-way trip ranges from $2,750 to $3,250 and the Commuter service is only available to those with Barton & Gray membership, which starts at $25,000 a year.

Read more from Conde Nast Traveler here…


by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

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