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MSC Oliver. Photo via Maritime Trader


MSC Oliver was inaugurated just two months after sister ship MSC Oscar Monday at the DSME shipyard in Busan, South Korea. [Marine Link]

MSC Oliver is 2nd of the company’s 19,224 TEU vessels, with a total of twenty of the mega-ships slated to be delivered by the end of this year.

Photo via Sagar Sandesh


Marine Link: Traditionally, MSC container ships are named after female relatives of company employees. To date, there are just five exceptions: MSC Aniello, MSC Don Giovanni, MSC Diego, MSC Oscar and now, MSC Oliver.

“As these are the next generation of MSC container vessels it is fitting that they be named after the grandchildren of MSC founder, Gianluigi Aponte,” explained Mr. Vago during the ceremony, “Our children carry the promise of this family’s future and these ships, the promise of MSC’s destiny.”

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by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

Did you know you can fish in NYC’s reservoirs? Well, NYC’s DEP want to make sure you know that you can when trout season starts this Wednesday.

They have even put out a brochure to help remind you of the 19 reservoirs and 3 lakes that you can fish in, as long as you have a state fishing license and a DEP access permit. [CBS News New York]

Croton Reservoir. Photo source:


CBS News New York: The DEP said the city’s upstate watershed offers some of the best fishing in the Northeast and will be open when trout season begins on Wednesday.

Image via Le Franschhoek


Anglers will need to have a DEP access permit as well as a state fishing license in order to utilize the area.

Read more from CBS News New York here…

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

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