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El Faro. TOTE Maritime Archive Photo via


Pray for El Faro.

That phrase has been whispered over and over in our hearts for the past 3 days. But so far, the ship – with 33 crew aboard – has not yet been found.

Contact was lost last Thursday with El Faro, a 790-foot Ro-Ro/cargo ship caught in the wrath of Hurricane Joaquin while en route to San Juan, PR.

Since then, U.S Coast Guard and U.S. Navy rescue teams have searched more than 30,000 square-miles for the ship. Saturday night, USCG search and rescue crews located a life-ring from the missing ship approx. 75 miles northeast of the ship’s last known position.

100 knot winds and 20-40 foot swells continue to affect search efforts.

See the latest update from the USCG here… and keep praying they will all be found safe and sound.


Today the tug Brooklyn passed by, nothing unusual about that except that it is another Brooklyn operating in the Harbor.

A parade of Container ships came into the port today, at least 11, I missed all but one of them, but with the holiday season fast approaching there will be many more coming in.

Vane’s tug Brooklyn has been around the harbor for a couple of years now. Photo by John Skelson

Brooklyn #2, Harley Marine Services. Photo by John Skelson

CSCL Sydney out to sea. Photo by John Skelson

James E Brown. Photo by John Skelson

Laura K and Kirby Moran. Photo by John Skelson

McKinley Sea. Photo by John Skelson

MSC Adelaide 1000 foot ship loaded with holiday merchandise. Photo by John Skelson

MSC Adelaide inbound for Port Elizabeth. Photo by John Skelson

Saginaw River, Great Lakes Crew Boat. Photo by John Skelson

Weeks Crane 527 working on the damaged IMTT pier. Photo by John Skelson

Barbara McAllister. Photo by John Skelson


Stay dry and safe this weekend folks. Until next week… John Skelson


All photos by John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee.


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