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Photo by Bernard Ente.


2015, and what a year it’s been.

It’s the year I learned I could handle more than I thought my limits were. It’s the year I learned to just to leap forward, eyes open, into the wind.

It’s the year I was reminded all too often of how our time here is fleeting, and there isn’t a moment to waste.

As the one year anniversary of Captain John Doswell’s passing approaches, I pause to think about his legacy and the work the WHC family has continued in his absence.

This year, we expanded our Hidden Harbor Tours, exploring more locations around our working harbor. We hosted a Family Fun tour for kids and introduced hundreds of high school students to the opportunities and importance of the working waterfront on our education tours. We had a blast at the tugboat race, with close to a thousand people in attendance to cheer on the mighty vessels.

Did we do ok, Capt? I hope we’ve done you proud.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my co-volunteers at the WHC, – an amazing group of smart, talented and dedicated people who give their time and expertise to help make it all happen.

Please help support WHC with your tax-deductible donation – your donation goes towards funding the Working Harbor Committee’s mission to strengthen awareness of the working harbor’s history, vitality and importance today, and its opportunities for the future.

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee


More Tugboat Race shots from our own WHC official photographer, Mitch Waxman, photographing from the Safety Boat  for you to enjoy.

Kudos to anyone who can take photos from a small vessel during the Tugboat Race. I tried doing that from a small vessel one year (Thanks Carter Craft!), and let me just say – Serious WAKE! I spent more time holding on than taking pictures.

Tugboats start to assemble. Photo by Mitch Waxman


I’m not sure if many of you know, but come Tugboat Race day, we don’t even know exactly which tugs will be chugging up the North River to participate in the Big Race!

More tugs arrive! Photo by Mitch Waxman


Of course everyone wants to be there, but since tugboats work around the clock, who can make it to the race, depends on work rosters and schedules.

And more…. Photo by Mitch Waxman


We eagerly scan the horizon to see who’s headed our way, just like all of you!

Tugs gather near Pier 84. Photo by Mitch Waxman


Check out the Spectator Boat, full of excited enthusiasts getting right in the midst of all the action!

The Spectator Boat was abuzz with excitement. Photo by Mitch Waxman


Fireboat John J Harvey arrives, all spiffied-up for the race, engines primed for speed.

Full-house on the Harvey. Photo by Mitch Waxman


See how close the Spectator Boat is to… everything?

The Spectator Boat and Robert E McAllister dwarf the NY Media Boat. Photo by Mitch Waxman


Orchestrating behind the scenes, Capt. Maggie Flanagan and Nelson Chin muster the tugs for the Parade of Tugs up river to the start line.

The Parade of Tugs. Photo by Mitch Waxman

At the start line. Photo by Mitch Waxman


This capture of their precision alignment is testament to the Tug Captains skill!

Absolute Precision. Photo by Mitch Waxman


And they’re off!

Racing hard, the tugboats vie for supremacy in the 23rd annual Great North River Tugboat Race & Competitions

Churning up the North River. Photo by Mitch Waxman

Photo by Mitch Waxman

The Might of the Working Harbor! Photo by Mitch Waxman

Fireboat John J Harvey tops the finish with a water salute. Photo by Mitch Waxman


After the race, the tugs challenge each other in “Feats of Strength”. Even the Spectator Boat participated unofficially!

R U Pushing Me? Photo by Mitch Waxman

Sibling Rivalry. Photo by Mitch Waxman


Followed by the Line-Toss – which is a LOT harder than it looks. It’s not just about brute strength, it also take some serious accuracy to snag that bollard in one toss.

Red Hook has a go at the Line Toss. Photo by Mitch Waxman

Catherine C Miller’s turn. Photo by Mitch Waxman

Fireboat John J Harvey at the Toss. Photo by Mitch Waxman

Robert E McAllister makes it look easy. Photo by Mitch Waxman

That Look of Pure Concentration. Photo by Mitch Waxman

Push Tug Patricia has to toss from the side. Photo by Mitch Waxman


Right before the Award Ceremony, we made some NOISE for Capt. John Doswell. Thank you David Silver for the Video!


A big Thank You to Mitch for all the beautiful photos and for photographing every WHC event (and donating the use of your images to WHC) for the past … has it been 6 years now… 7? Wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun!

by Mai Armstrong with Photos by Mitch Waxman generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee 

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