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North Cove Marina. Photo by David Moran via wikipedia


The management contract at North Cove Marina at the World Financial Center expires on December 31st, and it looks like the landlord doesn’t want to renew with the current operator. [Downtown Express]

Michael Fortenbaugh of North Cove Marina Management company has run the marina for the past 10 years and was hoping to be offered a renewal. Instead Fortenabugh has been told by The Battery Park City Authority to hand over his keys on December 31.

World Financial Center. Photo by Bjoertvedt via wikipedia


Downtown Express: The Battery Park City Authority is about to take control of North Cove Marina and has told operator Michael Fortenbaugh to turn over the keys by Dec. 31.

The authority offered Fortenbaugh a chance to stay for 60 days but it would be far from business as usual. In addition to giving up the keys, he would have to pay the authority for each boat that docked in the harbor. Fortenbaugh said he was not sure how he’d respond.


The authority released this statement:

“The current contract on the North Cove Marina expires on 12/31/14. Because there is no extension provision in the contract, we have proposed an interim measure. BPCA will assume operation of the marina, including all maintenance and insurance costs, on 1/1/15.  To provide for continued operation of the Manhattan Sailing School and Yacht Club until there is a Board decision on the RFP, BPCA has offered a 60 day lease to NORTH COVE MARINA MANAGEMENT, INC. at a substantially discounted per foot rate for any boats NORTH COVE MARINA MANAGEMENT, INC. docks at the Marina. In addition, the Manhattan Sailing School classroom will dock at no cost.

“Our Board is expected to vote on the 10-year contract for a marina operator at its January meeting.”

Read more from Downtown Express here…

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

The secret party boat docked on Newtown Creek is no more. Last week, fire officials shut down the illegal live/party/work space and cited the residents onboard for living on an abandoned vessel.

The boat, docked in Bushwick, was vacated by firefighters Friday after a tip that people were illegally on board. Photo: NYC OEM via WABC New York

The New York Post: A group of hipsters living on a ferry converted to a squatter-style crash pad — and floating off Brooklyn — has been booted by FDNY officials.

Ten artists who had set up a Jacuzzi on the boat’s massive deck were ordered to pack up their paintings aboard the craft in Maspeth Creek in Williamsburg on Friday, sources said. Authorities cited them for living on an abandoned vessel.

Photo by Jaya Saxena via Gothamist

The drifters had rigged electricity and a makeshift plumbing system in the four-floor, 145-foot-long boat, which sometimes hosted all-night parties in the industrial area, sources familiar with the situation said.

The denizens built bedrooms and paid to dock the boat at 190 Morgan Ave., sources said.

Photo by Jaya Saxena via Gothamist

Built in 1978, the 650-passenger ferry, dubbed the Schamonchi, had hauled tourists from New Bedford, Mass., to Martha’s Vineyard on $17 round trips for years.

Photo by Jaya Saxena via Gothamist

By 2007, five residents had begun docking the vessel in New York City waterways, where they fashioned a swing on the tennis-court-sized deck and sometimes threw bonfire parties.

The property at 190 Morgan, where the boat is docked, is listed as belonging to the firm Mega Fortune. The firm’s owner said she hadn’t given the boat’s residents permission to dock there. Read more here…

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

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