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City Officials announced yesterday that the Staten island ferry will be upgraded with federal funding allocated to storm resiliency. In addition to upgrading and floodproofing terminals and landings, two new ferry boats will be added to the fleet. [Staten Island Advance]


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The two new boats will replace the two oldest boats currently in service. Sadly that means we soon will be saying goodbye to my favorite Staten Island Ferry boat, MV John F. Kennedy, that has plied the waters between Manhattan and Staten Island since the 1960’s.

The new boats will be built to operate better under storm conditions and will carry around 4,500 passengers.


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Staten Island Advance: The Staten Island Ferry fleet will be updated as part of a $255.4 million resiliency project developed in response to Hurricane Sandy.

Two new storm-resilient boats will be included in the project, along with floodproofing for both the Manhattan and Staten Island ferry terminals and upgrades to landings citywide. The funds will be used to modernize the ferry fleet and landings after Hurricane Sandy highlighted the need for a resiliency overhaul.


Photo by Ingfbruno via wikipedia

The new ferries will replace older boats, such as the 33-year-old Barberi and Newhouse, and the 50-year-old John F. Kennedy. They will be on the normal ferry rotation schedule, not just for storm use.

Read more from  the Staten Island Advance here…

by Mai Armstrong for Working Harbor Committee

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NY1 News reports that the Rockaway ferry is definitely done-for after the summer. Since the low-cost ticket price will no longer be subsidized by the city, the service will cease operations in October of this year. [NY1 News]

The low-cost commuter service has been in operation since Hurricane Sandy wrecked the A-Line subway service in the area.

Ferry to the beach is ending this October. Photo by Mitch Waxman

Sadly the announcement comes as no surprise since we learned last month that the Mayor had chosen not to allocate any money to support the ferry service in the city’s 2015 budget.

The Rockaway Ferry Service transports approximately 400 commuters daily. Photo via NYCEDC

NY1 News: The Rockaway Ferry Service is slated to end this October.

It currently carries about 400 commuters from the Rockaways and Brooklyn to Wall Street and 34th Street. A request to extend the service was submitted, but the mayor’s office says it has become too expensive to subsidize.

The city says it will monitor service over the next few months, but unless ridership spikes significantly before October, the ferry will be cut. Read more at NY1 News here…

by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

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