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More photos from the Tugboat Races by Phyllis Featherstone and John Skelson.

Tossing the line… Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

Circle Line Spectator Boat and New York Media Boat. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

James William, ex Lisa Moran. Photo by John Skelson

Charlie did not like his Spinach! Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

Learning to tie knots. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

Red Hook, John J Harvey and Buchanan 1. Photo by John Skelson

Robert E McAllister. Photo by John Skelson

Thunder III “Safety Boat” and our shooting platform. Photo by John Skelson

The winning tattoo. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

Capt Frank Schaefer ( 2nd place Div. A Winner) shows-off his trophy and his twin boys (and his bride & best mate). Photo by Phyllis Featherstone

Susan Miller. Photo by John Skelson

Although not racing, it was good to see Margot pushing Stone Barges. Photo by John Skelson

Buchanan 12 moving in for line toss. Photo by John Skelson

The Preece-Doswells and pooch. Photo by Phyllis Featherstone


It was an exciting day and we are looking forward to next year’s races!


by Phyllis Featherstone and John Skelson, generously shared with the Working Harbor Committee.

Last night, the harbor community came together to remember and celebrate the life of Capt. John Doswell, who we lost in January of this year.

Boats assembling for their tribute. Photo by Bonnie K. Aldinger


The evening was filled with tribute, ships of all shapes and sizes sailing by horns a-blasting, outriggers, kayakers & paddlers circling, one of John’s favorite bands playing… there were many stories told and many glasses lifted, among much laughter and a few tears.


Thank you PortNYwebcam for the footage!

And just as the Fireboat John J Harvey circled and began to spray water with her ships bell chiming, the setting sun burst through the clouds illuminating Pier 66 Maritime, with a golden glow – right on cue, the Doswell Effect.

The Doswell Effect. Photo by Bonnie K. Aldinger


Happy Birthday Capt. John. We miss you.


by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

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