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A sheen of oil is visible along the shoreline of Sandy Hook Bay in the Gateway National Recreation Area a day after an apparent fuel spill was discovered on Dec. 11, 2014. Photo by Brian Donohue | NJ Advance Media for


A mysterious 2-mile long oil slick appeared Thursday on Sandy Hook Bay, the 400-foot wide diesel spill causing environmental concerns. Coast Guard and Parks officials worried the contamination could endanger the seal population that migrates to the area every winter. [NBC News4 New York]

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NBC News4 New York: The Coast Guard worked into the night setting up a boom over a culvert in an effort to catch the oil before it could reach the environmentally sensitive, and popular horseshoe cove tidal marsh. 



Great and harbor seals are known to migrate to Sandy Hook Bay, and the National Park Service says the animals have already moved there for the season.

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Officials at the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine said the food supply for the seals could be compromised. If fish ingest the oil, the officials explained, and a seal eats enough of those fish, the seal could die.

Officials said the oil sheen also threatens the sea water intake pipe for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries lab on Sandy Hook.

The cause of the oil slick is under investigation.

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Please tell me this is a Halloween trick?

Gothamist reports that The Statue of Liberty will be used in a cheesy marketing gimmick by a some clothing label. The ‘big idea’ is to “dress-up” the nations most iconic symbol of Freedom in gaudy polka-dotted bowties for Halloween.

These 60 foot wide bowties will be hoisted by helicopter and flown in front of Lady Liberty, presumably for tourist photo ops.


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Gothamist: In what appears to be some sort of marketing gimmick thought up by Joe Boxer founder Nick Graham, on the morning of October 31st Lady Liberty will be part of a one Lady fashion show. She’ll be sporting an array of massive bow ties courtesy of the menswear and lifestyle brand, which will be lifted in front of her, one by one, via helicopters.

The organizers claim full permission from the National Parks Service and the FAA for the planned commercial stunt, but Gothamist reports to the contrary:

UPDATE: A rep for the FAA tells us, “The FAA has not received any applications for waivers to carry giant bowties via helicopters in front of the Statue of Liberty.” The National Parks Service has still not returned our request for comment, but they did tell USA Today they were “aware that this is something that Nick Graham is planning on doing. We were told it would be taking place 1,000 feet from Liberty Island, which would make it not on our property.”

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by Mai Armstrong for the Working Harbor Committee

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